Question: Who We Are?
We carry out the business of selling used cars. Operates more than 10 years.

Question: Common Model Sold By Us?
Most of the models are proton savvy 1.2 where car prices in the range of RM 7,000.00 RM12,000.00.

Question: Why do our cars have been well received in Malaysia?
Our cars are priced very reasonable and accessible. Ours Used cars are free from cut-joint, every car is sold with the approval of the PUSPAKOM.

Question: Type of Documents Required For Bank Loan?
The application of the bank, you need to provide:
Identification card and driving license
Last 3 months salary slips
Passbook / Latest Bank Statement (Salary)
No Syabas / Energy Bills (For Address Verification
Guarantor Required (IF NEEDED)

Question: Without documentation or blacklisted by the Bank, Can We Apply for Car Loans?
Credit Loans Available for those who are
CCRIS problems, CTOS,
Documents that are incomplete,
High level of commitment,
And Others Others.
(Not for the applicant went bankrupt)

Question: Documents Required for Credit Loans?
For credit application, you must provide:
Identification card and driving license
Last 3 months salary slips
No Syabas or Energy Bills or Bills Bills Astro or Maxis, Digi, TM, Celcom DLL (For Address Verification)
Guarantor Required (IF NEEDED)

Question: Can We Buy – SAMBUNG BAYAR?
I’m sorry, we can not continue to sell used cars in pay without transfer of ownership and the owner, all the transfer of ownership must be legally conducted in RTD.

Question: Accept Trade-in Cars?
Thanks, we just do not accept used car problems:
Cut Connect
Car Accident
Engine and Chassis knocked again
Not In The Real Owner Registration Card (Third Party)
Black Listed by JPJ / Police or Authorities Involved

Question: Have Others Questions To Enquire, Where We Can Contact / SMS?
Please Contact Mr. Chee at 012-3192112

Thank You